Prophecy Oracle

Prophecy combines Astrology, Numerology & Tarot for a personal "reading". This "game" provides 21 different cards for the player to shuffle and place onto a beautiful board which is divided into 21 "Houses" such as Love, Finances, Destiny and each of the Astrological Signs.

EASY TO USE: The player simply shuffles the cards, places one in each of the Houses, and reads each House/Card interpretation.


CONTENTS: An Egyptian motif adorns all the materials, and the artwork is spectacular. The game contains 1 Full Color game board; 21 Cards - Numbers 1-9 and 12 Full-Color Original Tarot Cards; 1 Booklet of Interpretations and a Personal Record Pad to record your readings.

Price $39.95 + $12.50 s/h per game

or send a check or money order to:
Robert Sharpe; PO Box 31802; Myrtle Beach SC 29588

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